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Saying Goodbye Is Hard


Recently my Fur Baby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Sweetie spent many hours by my side on the front porch when I was working.  I called her CEO and she had won the hearts of many as they walked by each day.

Many of customers and TEAM were at my Stamp Class when I received her 16 years ago, as a birthday present from Jay.  For those that remember, I was not impressed with receiving a puppy.  But Jay was one smart man, as he knew if he gave her to me at a class full of women I would have to keep her.  i remember you all wanting to name her Stampin' Up! Colors at the time, Chocolate Chip and Close to Cocoa.

We had just sold our Hardware Store a few years prior where Jay & I worked side by side for 24 years.  Now I was home working with my Stamp Business, and he thought I needed company.  I did not think I did, but he said he didn't like me being alone.

Well that little fur ball has been by my side since I lost Jay 7 years ago, and was my best bud, giving me so much love and support.

I knew the day was coming, but I never dreamed I would miss her so much.  She took part of my heart when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The love and support I have received since her passing in the form of cards has been such a support.  Never under estimate the power of sending a card.

Every card and word has been a great treasure, but I wanted to share one card I received that I will frame as a remembrance of my little Princess.


Thanks to Kim Baker for this card, and to all that have shared their sympathy through cards, calls and texts.  I will treasure them forever.


Linda Bauwin

She did live up to her name. She was my Sweetie

Kim Baker

I'm so glad this card gave you comfort in your memories of Sweetie. She sure lived up to her name <3

Linda Bauwin

Thanks for all the kin encouraging words. So appreciate.

Sandra Quinones

I am so sorry for your loss it’s never easy nor are we prepared by how much we will miss them. They are always ready to give us their unconditional love and kisses to make us smile🐾 It does get better with time but when I think of all my fur babies I have lost over the years it does bring on the tears. Thank you for sharing of your beautiful creativity, you always inspire me. Maybe at some point you’ll think about a new fur baby, I couldn’t imagine not having a fur baby in my life. They are more work but always worth it💕

Take care,


Linda, this is such a sweet story. Saying good by to husband and pet is difficult. That little dog is adorable.

You are such an amazing, creative person and the infuence of Jay and Sweetie has made you the caring person you are. Jay was smart and insightfu...losing his gift to you must have been doubly painful.

What a lovely and useful card came out of your grief.

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