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Being Pampered and Honored This Week

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This week I should be in the Western Caribbean on the Symphony of the Seas for Stampin' Up! 2022 Incentive Trip.  But as so many things in the last couple years, it was canceled due to the Pandemic.

That is not stopping the celebration, as this is a major accomplishment, because there are over 50,000 demonstrators globally with Stampin' Up!, and only 437 earned this trip.  That's right, so I need to send a special thanks to my amazing customers, as I was able to earn the trip because of you, as it was earned with sales only.  

Want to know something else that is totally amazing?  This month I celebrated my 25th anniversary with Stampin' Up!, and this is the 25th incentive trip I have earned.  I have been so totally blessed.

Due to the fact that we could not attend this trip, we received a Cash Payout and the beautiful Pillow Gifts you see above.  They include a beautiful Robe With Stampin' Up! Logo, Candle, Pin, Coffee Cups with Stampin' Up Logo, and Apple Airpods with the Logo also.  And the opportunity to celebrate all week Virtual with other Trip Achievers World Wide.

#suvirtualincentivetrip  #2022incentivetrip  #lindabauwin

We also got this beautiful card with special words from Sara and Shelli.

Again thank you to all my customers, who have been supportive of me over the last 25 years.

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