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Feeling Totally Blessed

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Those of you that have followed me for awhile, know that a year ago last August I had to do one of the hardest thing in my life, I needed to place my Mom in Assistant Living, at The Lantern of Saybrook.  Of course, because of COVID, I had to leave her at the front door. 

Well it's been a long 14 months, but over the last couple months, I have been able to go into her room and to take her out, but still not able to interact with the other residents and staff.

Well all that changed last week, as the home asked me if I would come in and stamp with the residents.   I was so excited to be able to meet and work with caregivers and residents at The Lantern.  But not half as much as my Mom was to introduce me to everyone.  I felt so blessed in so many ways.

My Mom never was interested in stamping with me in the past, but now she wants to know when I will be back.  How blessed is that?  

Just another way being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator has blessed my life.  I am so grateful.

Here is the picture of me with my Mom holding the Halloween Card she made.  Was so cool, as the home allowed the residents to address their Halloween Card and they sent them out for them.

So I planning my next stamping day with the resident, so they can make a Christmas Card.  


Linda Bauwin

Thanks guys

Sue Floyd

It really is a wonderful photo! Plus a wonderful, happy memory!
Love hearing happy news. Thanks for sharing Linda!

Toni Selden

Yes you are blessed to still have your mom and be able to teach the others to stamp!


Awwwww, HOW SWEET ♥️

You both look lovely ♥️
And God bless you both

Hugs Frenchie ♥️♥️♥️

Linda Bauwin

Thanks Holly

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