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Card Swap Video

I got so much positive feedback, when I shared my Fall Card Swap, from my Advisory Board Sister.  So I thought you would also enjoy seeing our Christmas Card Swap.  This is one amazing group of stampers not just with their stamping skills, but also with their friendship.  

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I want to share with you who made all these amazing cards:  Dawn Olchefske, April Lopez, Jan McClurg, Julie Salva, Ann M. Clemmer, Cindy Baughman, Karen Titus, Meg Loven, Lis Ljung, Natalie Travis, Margaret Van Vliet, Tamie Ackerson, Mary Polcin, Julie Davison,  Evie DiPiazza, Amy Storrie, Tami White, Robyn Cardon, Denise Jorgensen, Diana Gibbs, Janice Weightman, Joyce Feraco, Jennifer Cotton, LeeAnn Greff, Jodi Reinert, Susan Elise Morton, Genevieve Ko, and Laura Barto.  Thanks ladies for sharing your talent.

A huge shout out to Kim Williams, of Butler, PA, because she is our SWAPPING QUEEN.  She organizes these swaps for every catalog. 

There will be more swaps this coming year.  Why?  Did you hear the excitement about Sale-a-Bration? 

Sale-a-Bration has always been our biggest sale of the year, ever since I started 23 years ago.  But it is going to get even bigger next year.  There will be two Sale-a-Bration sales.  WAHOO!!!  First the normal one in January-February and then a second one in July-August.

You will want to check out this video on the different ways the 1 1/2" Metallic Mesh Ribbon.  This ribbon is in the Hallow Suite Magic In This Night Suite.  But it is so much more then Halloween.


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Linda Bentley

Thank you for showing us the winter swaps. That is a great way for people to see sets to see if they like the stamps or not. I see the we can see the fall swap, so I am going to see that right now.

Mary Rodgers

Thanks for the great video! I saw several cards that I will be CASE'ing for sure.

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