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I can not stress enough how much I appreciated those of you that reached out to me to see what happened to me.  Once again, proving being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is not just about rubber and ink.

The last couple weeks have been an emotional stressful time, with the 5th anniversary of Jay's passing.  But then my Mom's health started to decline very fast.

I spent five days with her.  She has had dementia for a couple years, and it became very complicated with numerous falls.  But by the grace of God, she broke nothing and kept bouncing back.  She is a true fighter.

It became very clear that she could not live by herself any longer.  So I had to make a very difficult situation, and place her in an assistant living home.  

The hard part was I had to leave her at the door, not knowing how she would feel on the other side of that door.  I know many of you have been experiencing situations with your love ones, whether at a home or the hospital. So mentally draining to leave them when they need you the most. 

She is a very caring environment at The Lantern of Saybrook.  The staff there has so been so kind to not only by keeping me informed on what is going on with Mom but to check on me.  that means so much.

With that being said, I need to continue to be off the grid for at least another week.  I will pop on, if I can get my head clear.  I have so much to do to take care of my mom's things.

I see God's hand so clearly in all that has happened the last month, and I know He will continue to strength and guide me through all that needs to be done.  

Thanks for your patience.  If you have any questions, I am only an e-mail or call away.

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Linda Bauwin

Thanks Linda
This is a difficult time for so many. Making realize what is important in life.


Such a difficult trying time for you. Not being able to see your mom except through window. I’ve had to do that with my husband in hospital then to rehab. Fortunately he is recovering but it’s been difficult for him. You and your mom are in my prayers. 🙏

Linda Bauwin

Thanks so much for your sweet words.


Wishing blessings of all sorts for you 2 ladies. Hope we all have a devoted daughter like you, when needed.

Nancy Stanner

Linda I have a wonderful card you made for a trade at a convention I believe. It was a die of Santa with a curly beard. Wondering if you could tell me the name of it. Don’t know if it’s still available but I’d like to be able to find it somehow! Hope things are getting better for you!

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