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A Day That Changed My Life Forever

A thousand words can’t bring back your lost loved ones. But you can celebrate their life and legacy. 🕯️️️ Create an online memorial, share photos, videos and stories as a living memory. #grief #griefandloss #griefquotes #grievingquotes #griefsupport

A day that changed my life forever.  I so miss you Jay, hard to believe it's been 5 years.  Love you so much.

There are no words to express how blessed I was to have you in my life for 42 years.  Something many never experience.

You were the most amazing friend,  biggest cheerleader, business partner, and truly the love of my life.


There is no doubt in my mind, that you are spending your days in heaven doing what you so loved to do, fishing.

Forever in my heart.


Linda Bauwin

Thanks for your sweet words. They mean so much

Marilyn Gauvin

I remember the day your life changed, I was online looking at your site. I was fairly new to stamping and you were one of the few people I followed. My heart just broke for you and your son, it still does. Still follow you and enjoy all your fun ideas. In those days it was often fun folds. I sat at my computer in shock and in tears. Needless to say I am in tears right now. I had parents that loved each other like you and Jay, and it was a beautiful thing to behold. God bless you sweet lady, your strength is inspiring.

Linda Bauwin

Jay sure enjoyed his time with Bob on the lake. Think their great adventure on Lake Erie made them closer.

Janice Fay

We SO miss your JAY, also!

Good friend - fishing buddy - together Jay and Bob spent hours together praying to their Lord
and fighting Lake Erie together-until they were rescued by Helicopter

Jay's sudden passing touched very many lives!

Jan and Bob

Linda Bauwin

Thanks Jeanne for your kind words.

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