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Despite Stampin' Up! efforts to resolve issues with Purple Posy ink, they have learned that the ink color is still shifting over time. This means that the color is coordinating more loosely than they typically allow with their colors. 
Due to these ongoing challenges, they have decided to discontinue Purple Posy classic ink. As of November 5, 2019, the following items will no longer be available to purchase:
  • Purple Posy Classic Stampin' Pad (item 150084)
  • Purple Posy Classic Stampin' Ink Refill (item 150091)
  • 2019-2021 In Color Classic Stampin' Pad Assortment (item 150087)
They were unable to replace Purple Posy ink pads for those who have already received them. However, anyone with concerns regarding the color shifting properties of their Purple Posy ink pads and have purchased the pad from me, may contact me for a $7.50 coupon code as compensation. The coupon codes will expire on January 1, 2020.
All other Purple Posy products (such as Purple Posy Stampin' Write Marker, Purple Posy Cardstock, Purple Posy Stampin' Blends, etc.) will remain available for purchase.
All of Stampin' Up!'s exclusive ink colors are run through a vigorous series of tests to get ahead of challenges like this, and to ensure colors are accurate and meet our standards of coordination. Purple Posy did pass regular testing standards in time-simulating ovens, but Stampin' Up!  have now identified that it fell short when it came to actual time passing. The color begins to shift once the ink has rested in the ink pad for about six weeks.
It is rare for Stampin' Up! or our ink manufacturer to have such persistent issues with ink; Purple Posy has certainly been an anomaly. Stampin' Up! completed full testing on 11 distinct batches of Purple Posy Classic Stampin' Ink before releasing the current version. Stampin' Up! is now confident that no additional efforts would uphold our coordination needs over time. Stampin' Up! appreciates your patience as they have worked through this manufacturing difficulty and regret that they are unable to share better news. 
I am grateful to work for a company who is dedicated to serving us the best they can, even in situations like this.
Again if you purchased a Purple Posy Ink Pad from me, and would like me to apply for a replacement coupon let me know at 440-576-7130 or


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