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When Life Is A Little Upside Down

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I am so grateful this bench got placed in front of the old hardware Jay and I owned before I moved.  Every time I drive by makes me smile with all the great memories in the store and all our wonderful customers.

Can I just say right now my life is a little more then Upside Down.  I started a Garage Sale on Thursday and it ends Saturday.  I am so grateful for that. 

Over thirty years of accumulating STUFF.  And you know, it is all stuff, with lots of memories that are attached.  But even though one chapter of my life is closing, another one is opening.  One moment I am excited, the next sad.  One thing is completely clear to me is the I am on the path God wants me on.

I remember early in my faith hearing people say with confidence, I know I am walking the direction the Lord wants me to.  I thought how do you know  that?  Well the events over the last few months, surely shows me I am going in that direction.

I found where I wanted to move, after looking for over a year and half.  And my house sold for what I wanted for it without listing it.  God's plan?  You bet.

Still lots ahead with moving, but it will happen and I have lists on top of lists.  Having a plan is huge, and to help with any plans, you may want to use this great resource the Big Plans Planner Kit.  Check out the video on how easy this planner goes together.




Linda Bauwin

Oh thanks Kay

Kay Houglan

Linda, you truly are an inspiration. God bless you. Best of luck as you start the next chapter in this book called "life".

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