Time Is Running Out
Time To Save On Designer Series Paper

Time To Get A Whole Set Of Ink Pads Free

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A $192.50 Value For Only $99


Addition Savings of $19.20

Who doesn't like a great deal?
The new catalog  is full of great new things. 
The starter kit is a great way to get them at a discount.
BUT the deal got enough better,
with a Set of New Ink  Pads of your choice.  
How can you say NO to a $112.70 savings?  
On the products you plan on buying anyways?
What You Get?
YOU pick anything in the catalog for $125.
 PLUS any of the color families of 10 ink pads,
which include both years of the New In Colors! 
That's $192.50 in products!
How Much?
Just $99!  (plus sales tax)
What is the Catch?
There is absolutely NO obligation to do anything as a "demonstrator"
unless YOU want to!
Just Opportunity to save and share if you wish.
Join For The Discount or for the Business
The number one reason people join is for the discount on all their products.  
When you join in July, you will enjoy a 20% discount 
all the way through the end of January!
Got Questions?
Or give me a call 440-576-7130

Start making that list, so come July 1st,
 you will be able to 
and Join The Fun



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