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Last Chance to Be Part of Something Mega

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Your Chance To Be Part of Something HUGE is Ending on Monday

Join My Mega Online Stamp Club

With Sale-a-Bration now having items you can get free with a $50 and $100 purchases, I thought it would be fun to hold a Mega Online Stamp Club.

Why Join?

Major reason is you will end up with a minimum of $61 in free merchandise of your choice during your Hostess Month.  Plus anything you purchase on your Hostess Month you will receive FREE shipping.

SPECIAL BONUS from me, each month you will get a Sale-a-Bration card from me with all the material to make 2 more yourself.

With benefits like this why wouldn’t you join? 

You’ve seen the Occasions Catalog, and you know what your wish list looks like.  Why not get at least $61.00 of that merchandise free with a FREE card kit each month?

How do you become a Member of my Mega Online Club? 

Simply by contacting me and join for three months.  That’s it three months, and agree to spend at least $100 each month, before shipping and tax. 

This qualifies you for two $50 Level Sale-a-Bration Items or one $100 Level each month. 

GREAT NEWS coming in February 16 there will be another set of special Sale-a-Bration items.

During your three month commitment, you will be hostess one month which will entitle you to at least $61 in Hostess Benefits, and FREE shipping on your order.

What are you waiting for? 

Contact me today at jlbauwin@roadrunner.com or call 440-576-7130, by Jan. 15th with your information (shipping address, e-mail, credit card #) before all the spots for the Mega Online Stamp Club are gone.  You will have the option of placing your order Online with a Hostess Code or by contact me direct.  You also may pay by check.


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