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You Learn Something New Every Day

They say you learn something every day.  Well I learned some thing that shocked me when I went to Salt Lake City for OnStage last month.  I have been to Salt Lake City so many times, and it was the last place I would think there would be a winery.

#mindySchaus #lindabauwi

I didn't get to visit the winery, but Mindy Schaus from Talorsv, Utah bought me a bottle.  This was so very sweet of her.  You see Utah is hot and dry, so finding a winery there never even crossed my mind.  

Utah is known as the Beehive State, and you guessed it, their wine is honey based.  The wine is very sweet and so different to what I am used to.  Can't thank Mindy enough for the opportunity to give this wine a taste.

Not only did Mindy bring me a bottle of wine, she brought me her Christmas Card.  And of course, it was made fro my Half Full Stamp Set.  Check it out.

#halffullstampset #lindabauwin #mindyschaus

Look real close as she has embossed with clear embossing on the piece of black card stock with the wine glass. Sure gives you a great background look.  

You may remeber Mindy, as I posted about her in the past when she was making some swap cards.  If you missed check it as it will makee you smile.


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