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Who's Joining Me?

Have you ever been super excited about something, but yet scared to death?   Well that sums me up right now.

You see I have a to have a deadline to be able  to accomplish something.  Dangle a carrot and it will push me forward.

Well I dangled my own carrot.  I have wanted to do a Facebook Live, but kept putting it off.  So I have set a date for myself to jump in with both feet.

Will you be joining me Thursday, August 31st @ 8 p.m.?  Give me some encouragement by leaving me a comment on here to let me know you will be joining me.  As it will be my first Facebook Live Event, I will be introducing you to some fun project with my Million Dollar Stamp Set "Half Full".

 #halffull #lindabauwin

That's right, I will be sharing my first projects on Facebook Live.  It will be so fun sharing the projects I have created so far.  And you will learn how you can get the PDF Tutorial of these projects.

PLUS you will not want to miss the chance to win an autographed Half Full Stamp Set from me.  Yes you read correctly.  I will give a way three autographed copies of my Half Full Stamp Set.  So you want to make sure you are on board with me on Facebook before hand.

This is where you will see my Facebook Live Feed and have the chance to get your hands on a free Autographed Half Full Stamp Set.

Here is what the front page of my Facebook looks like.

#stampingwithlindafacebook #lindabauwn

You want to make sure you are following this page.  And to share it with your friends.  If you are not following, it will ask you if you want too.  You want to say yes.  That way you will be notified when I post and go live.

So stay tuned, as we get closer to the release of my Million Dollar Stamp Set Half Full on September 1st, for the time I will be going live with my projects and PDF Tutorial, along with the chance to be the first to have an autographed copy



Toni it is Eastern Time
So glad you can join us.

Toni Selden

I'll be here, is this Eastern time???

Sue Ann Branstein

I'll be packing for out of town but hope to be able to catch the video.


Getting excited about Thursday night. Ladies if you sign into Facebook and don't see my Live Stream click out of my page and then back in. That should refresh it. Also make sure you give shout out that you are on. So much to learn need to remember one step at a time.

Dee Wladyka

I'll be watching! Can't wait to get the set!

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