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#saradouglas #lindabauwin

I am sure you are thinking what???  It's a card done with the Sprinkles of Life Stamp Set and the Tree Builder Punch, what's so exciting about that.  Maybe this clue will help.

#makeacardsendacard #lindabauwin

#saradouglasceosu #lindabauwin

It came from the CEO of Stampin' Up! Sara Douglass.  Now you see the excitement?  

On May 4th Sara did a Facebook Live and talked about her plan to make cards and send them to women who have impacted her life for good during the month of May. She stated, it's always a good time to#MakeACardSendACard right?  It's also #arthritisawarenessmonth which is something Shelli, Sara's Mom is struggling with, so for her it's a double-whammy!   She invited others to join her and hashtag your cards #MakeACardSendACard so we can all see them. ❤️

#makeacardsendacard @asarathing #lindabauwin

Well I was honored to not only get a card but a call from Sara to Congratulate me on my 1.1 Million Dollars in Career Sales.

Sara and I talked for about an hour about my business, and concerns.  Sara listen to my feedback and said she appreciated my being open and honest about my concerns.  The phone call met a lot but the card OVER THE TOP, it brought a tear to think Sara would take the time to send me a card and say she values me.

When is the last time you sent a card?  We are all good at making them. is the sending the card that makes the difference.  So I challenge you today to #makeacardsendacard today.  And make someone's day like Sara did mine.  Thanks Sara.



Oh thanks so much Patty for your kind words. Don't worry I am usually late to the party.

patti moffett

How lovely, Linda. You have impacted more lives than you know and will only see just how many when you reach heaven...not just the card makers but all those people who receive the cards and encouragement in them.
PS I have this tree builder punch and looking at Sara's card I suddenly realized the raindrop could be used as a candle flame!!! Perhaps late but I still come to the party!!!


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