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Let The Month Long Celebration Begin

I Hope You Will Celebrate With Me

Hard to believe BUT . . .

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It is 2o years this May, May 5th to be exact, that I made a decision that changed the course of my life so differently. That decision was to sign up as a demonstrator.  

Because of that decision Jay & I were able to travel to many places that we only could dream about, something I am so grateful for.  I have made friends from all over the world.  And I came to realize I could set any goal I wanted, and could achieve it just by sharing what I love stamping.

So it's time to celebrate!!!  And that we will do the whole month of May.  great News Stampin' Up! will help with that celebration.  They have two special bundles you can order on Monday.  So you want to come back on Monday to see what I am offering during this month of Celebration and the new bundles.

First I wanted to share what was going on in my life in 1997 when I signed up.

  • Jay and I owned a hardware store that I worked in 60 hours a week
  • I knew lots about plumbing, electrical and home repair, nothing about stamping
  • I didn't like direct sales parties
  • Didn't know much about computers
  • Didn't know what a cellphone, blog, YouTube or Facebook was
  • And definitely didn't like to talk in front of people

That all changed when I picked up a business card in a craft store.  What was this stamping all about?  What I had to buy a catalog?  Or have a home party to see what it was about?  No not me?  

Months past before I finally agreed to a home party, and well can we say the rest is history.  My dear friend and neighbor Tracy Spangler said "I will help you we can buy a $100 a month" (the minimum at that time).  So told Jay I wanted to try it for 3 months to get my stuff at a discount.

Well it wasn't long before I wanted more and didn't want to spend it out of our family budget.  So Hardware Lady by Day, Stamp Lady by Night.  I truly loved what I was doing.

I was going out and having "women" talk, instead of how to fix a toilet or replace a light switch.  It brought excitement as I reached for goals.

And the real joy was when Jay decided to follow the stamping dream with me.  Will never forget when he said "You have followed my dream (the hardware store) for 24 years now it is time for me to follow your dream".  Follow he did in fact he loved stamping as much as I did, as he followed me to conventions, leaderships, and incentive trips.

Has the last 20 years been an easy road?  No

Have I wanted to quit at times?  Of Course

Would I change what I do?  No

Since Jays' passing 20 months ago,  Stampin' Up! has filled an even bigger void that I am so grateful for.  I could never imagine getting through the difficult months lately with out all the friends I have made from being a demonstrator.

I am so grateful for the members of my Stamp Family, other demonstrators, and of course all my customers who make each day such a blessing.  

So check back on Monday as we start our month of celebration.



Linda Bauwin

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am truly blessed my each of you.

Mary Rodgers

Congratulations Linda. And because of your decision, many, many of us have had our lives changed too, as we became part of your team. The ripple effect of your decision 20 years ago is unending.
Thank you for jumping in all those years ago.


So happy for you Linda!! I bet Jay with smiling down at you and beaming with pride at all you have achieved too!

Penny Ginnery

Congratulations on your 20 years with Stampin' Up!

Jeanne Moss

Congratulations, Linda! You really are inspiring. You took the time to talk to me for a few minutes at one of the last conventions, and you helped me see that it was possible to succeed in this business, even living in a small town. Since then, I've earned the Mediterranean and Thailand, and I'm working hard on Alaska. You rock!!

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