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Stamp Retreat_Linda Bauwin
I have 10 spots left for my Spring Stamp Retreat.  That's it!  I am so excited that so many new people are joining us.  There are always lots of questions, so I thought I would address some of them.

Do I bring my own stamping projects?  Well the answer is you can, but normally my projects that are all included in the price of $190 will fill your weekend up.

What kind of projects do you do?  Well we all know I love creative folds, so of course you will be doing some creative folds.  There will be some 3-D and of course cards.

How many projects do we do?  That is different with every camp.  Some times there are more 3-D.  Some camps do more  card folders and then you do all the cards that go in to the card holder.  I can tell you there are ten 8-ft tables full of projects of all different levels of stamping.  You pick your pace of doing the projects, and which ones you want to do.  The weekend is all about you.

Do you assign beds?  No they are on a first come bases.  There are two general lodges one is more dorm style, the other lodge is more private rooms.  No one has to use a top bunk.

Do we need to bring our own food?  Of course you know stampers we love to eat, so bringing food snack to share is great.  But all the main meals are provided for you.

Do we need to bring own bedding?  Yes you need to bring all your personal items, bedding toilette items, and general stamping supplies..

Most retreats you need to pay extra for the projects, food and lodging.  With my retreat it is one price $190 unless you want to pay Bingo where you earn stamping supplies and that is an additional $25.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the camp, and click on the link to learn more about the retreat.  See you at Stamping in the Woods March 17-19.


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