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WOW Gluing Tip for Thinlit or Framlits

#wowgluingthinlit Linda Bauwin

You are going to love today's video that has this amazing WOW tip for gluing your thinlits or framelits.  I have shared in the past the tip with using press-n-seal to glue these fine thinlits and framelits.   If you miss that video you can watch here.

Well today's video tip is so much easier.  I mean WOW.  A shout out to Linda Heller for sharing this tip with me.  It is one of those light bulb moments when you think why haven't I been doing this all along.

SO watch the video and then tell me what you think.  I am sure you will be so surprised how easy it will now be to glue thinlit or framelits to your project.



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Earlene Hannah

GREAT tip. Thanks!

Joyce Rorabaugh

Wow!! Some very smart and clever ladies share their ideas. Love all you do, Linda.


Wow! What a great tip. Can't wait to try it. TFS


I know Mary. Guess my brain doesn't work that way. :)

Mary Rodgers

Of course....makes perfect sense! And why didn't I think of this?? Thanks for sharing!

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