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Moments That Take Your Breath Away.

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This past month has been very difficult on many accounts.  I can never say it enough, God has surround me with so many amazing people in my life, that help get through the day.  So many of them I would have never met, if it hadn't been for stamping.  And that was the case this week.

I was contacted by a dear friend and member of my stamping family, who said pack an overnight bag, I want to take you some where for the night.  No clues.

The picture above is where I sat and did nothing, as beautiful meals where served to me.  I don't know when I have just sat and did nothing.  The past year I have kept every waking minute busy.  But not only were meals served they were over the top.

This place is a Top Notch Bed & Breakfast with the must amazing hostess.  Check out my dinner.  It melted in your mouth.

#dinner #lindabauwin

Check out these adorable Lady Bugs.  OMG and you will never guess what that spots are Basic Black Card Stock.  Every detail from the chocolates on my pillow to warm plates.  And not only dinner but breakfast too over the top.

#breakfast #lindabauwin

The gardens, the view, the home, and the lovely people that live there gave me such precious memories I will never forget.

#garden #lindabauwin   #fireplace #lindabauwin

If you have read this far, I am sure you are thinking where do I make reservations at?   Well you can't, it is not a Bed & Breakfst.  This beautiful place is a private home with very giving-private people who live there, so I can't even tell you who they are.  But I can say I am truly blessed to say I feel they are very dear friends. And I can never say thanks enough.



Cheryl Hamilton

Linda, I've never met you (yet!) but feel like I know you through your blog. I'm so happy for you that God has blessed you with such wonderful friends! And yes, I wanted to get reservations at that B&B!! Take care!


What an awesome blessing and friends that you have. You certainly deserve to be treated like a queen even if it's only for a day. God's grace is sufficient! It's when we go through trials that we grow closer to Him and we feel God's love for us. I pray when you have those difficult days that you will be able think back on this wonderful weekend and remember the love shown to you . You are a woman of incredible strength. Even though I don't know you as well as some, I can't help but think that all the love and support that has been given to you over this past year , is much like the blessings you have given to others during your stampin up career. I have learned from watching your videos and reading your blog. It's obvious that you are always helping others whether it's making a card, helping demonstrators with their business , or setting up your wonderful retreat weekends. Whatever you say or do is always done in a kind way Linda. I am so glad that God has surrounded you with so many wonderful people and friends.


awesome. many of us have wonderful friends like this. you are so lucky and fortunate. God bless you and your friend for doing this.

Susan K

So glad you got to sit and relax and enjoy good friends and good food. You deserve it! What beautiful friends they are!

Robin Messenheimer

What a heart warming story. Friends like these are truly a blessing.

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