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Stamping Journey Is About Friendships

I have said so many times that stamping is so much more then paper and ink.   Yes it has given me a good living and has sent me on many wonderful trips, but it is truly about the friendships.  On a day to day basis at home, I am continually blessed with my downline and customers.  These wonderful people have helped me so much during these last several months to pick up the pieces and to move forward.

The blessings of friendship continued on the trip to Salt Lake Cit.  I got to meet Cheryl Abe from California and  Valerie Kiliayashi from Hawaii.   These two ladies came to OnStage with gifts for me as they follow me on my blog and YouTube.  

#newfriends Linda Bauwin

Check out the leis they brought.  And the pink one is crochet with beautiful pink flowers.  I was so touched by their loving hearts.

After OnStage was finished Jodie and I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Taping for their TV Show.  Simple amazing.  The picture below is not a postcard, it was taken with my phone.  It was simply breathtaking.

#morontaberaclechoir #lindabauwin

As we were leaving I hear aren't you Linda Bauwin?  There was a demonstrator at the taping from England.  She knew me from my videos.  But with all those people she spotted me and wanted to meet me.  I was so taken back I forgot her name, so if you know who she is please let me know. but she came up and wanted my picture.  Just made me feel so good.

#suengland linda bauwn

If you would love to be part of a stamp family I would love to share with you about the opportunities.  


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