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Thought I would share the announcement SU! released about this amazing milestone that I could not have reached with out my amazing customers.  Thanks You


Linda Bauwin & Sweetie

Linda Bauwin, the CARD-iologist, has nearly 19 years of memories, milestones, happiness, success, and setbacks under her belt. And now, through her hard work and dedication, she's adding another milestone to her list--Million Sales Achiever! We are so happy for you Linda. Congratulations--a million times!

Back in 1997, Linda was working 60 hours a week at a hardware store that she owned with her husband. Like so many, she was looking for a fun, creative outlet when she signed up with a friend in order to get the discount. She remembers, "I spent way too much money the first six months because the company had gone exclusive and offered specials that 'I had to have.'  So, I decided to make my friend do a workshop to recoup some of the money."  She worked at the store by day and was always packed up and ready to stamp at night. It didn't take long to discover that she could earn her dream vacation and go on a cruise with her husband. She says, "My dear husband Jay had no desire to cruise. So, in my mind, if I earned a cruise Jay would have to go. Jay learned to love cruising in a hurry." Back then, there wasn't an easy way to track your progress, so she would call in several times a month to ask if she had earned the cruise: "I am sure they got a laugh every time I called to ask."

Consistency and dedication have helped keep Linda active all these years. She says, "I still do six to eight workshops a month. It is not uncommon for me to travel two-and-a-half hours away from my home to do those workshops." Over the last few years, she's taken her business online and has found a lot of support there too. She says, "As I approached this milestone I put it out there to my followers online. I was blown away on how willing they were to help me achieve this goal. Many of them had never ordered from me, but I got such sweet notes telling me they had been following me and enjoyed my videos and blog. I even had demonstrators purchasing from me telling me that my videos had helped them with their workshops and class, and this was their way to pay me back."

Linda's son, Jason, and husband, Jay, have always been a source of strength and support. She says, "I was married to my business partner, best friend, and love of my life for 40 years. He was my biggest supporter and was so proud of me and my accomplishments with stamping. He always said I followed his dream in the hardware business for 24 years, and that it was his turn to follow mine with stamping. And follow he did! He would attend conventions with me and loved to swap. He would always tell me he had the best job in the world as he got hugs from women from around the world and his wife stood there and smiled the whole time." He knew the business end too, helping Linda with team meetings, answering questions, providing support, and attending classes. In August, tragedy struck as she lost her sweetheart to a sudden heart attack. But, she says, "I know he is smiling down from heaven, as he was just as much a part of this award as me." We couldn't agree more, Linda. We are certain that he is cheering and celebrating this moment with you.

As she reflects on this journey, Linda doesn't hesitate to share her favorite thing: "The relationships--hands down. I truly love what I do. The majority of my business is still face-to-face. I am so grateful for all the wonderful friendships that I have made. The love and support I have received from these wonderful ladies over the last seven months, with the passing of Jay, has been unbelievable. I received over 500 sympathy cards. And still to this day I will get a card of encouragement that brightens my day when I am having a hard time. We truly touch lives more then we realize with a hand-stamped card. I am also very grateful for all the trips I was able to take with Jay because of stamping. We would have never traveled like we did if it were not for stamping."  Well said, Linda! You truly have touched many lives over the years by sharing your passion for creating and helping others. We are so grateful for the difference you make. Congratulations and keep on doing what you love and loving what you do!




Congratulations Linda! Doing a job you love AND excel at brings joy to all. May you enjoy many many more years!


Linda, congrats on this milestone award. Enjoyed reading your well written article and yes I am sure Jay has a huge smile on his face and remembers all the wonderful times you two enjoyed on your many earned trips with SU. I love getting your blog and videos; they are encourage me try new techniques. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jeneane Webster

Congratulations, Linda. What a beautiful story! I am so very happy for you and also so very sorry for your loss. You truly are an inspiration as a leader and mentor for women. A tribal leader.

Because I have a demonstrator that I am associated with, I don't order from you, but I do read your posts consistently, and follow your lead with ideas for cards. I thank you.

Take care, congratulations again, and peace to you, always.

Jeneane Webster

Susan K

Wonderful! A very well-written article. Thanks for sharing it with us. And CONGRATULATIONS again on such a well-deserved honor and achievement milestone!

Marlene A.

Congrats! I am looking forward to meeting you in Akron on the 23rd.

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