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More Highlights From a Million Dollar Trip


These two ladies, Cindy Baughman from Hawaii, and Kim Williams from Butler, PA where so instrumental in me hitting my Million Dollar Milestone at this time.  You see I knew I would hit it some day, but after Jay's passing I didn't want to take the trip to celebrate when I did hit it.  

During a conference call with thee two they were like we will go with you and celebrate.  The more we talked, we realized we all were approaching career milestones.  We all three were planning on gong to OnStage, so we thought why not give it a try. Cindy was close to her $500,000 in personal sales, and Kim was close to her $600,000.  I personally didn't know if I could do it.

We had a deadline approaching in which we'd had to reach it so we could celebrate it at the OnStage event together.  I had even a stronger desire to earn at that time.  You see I am taking my Assistant, Jodie Daniels, with me on the incentive trip and I knew she had never flown before.  So if I earned the million dollar milestone, SU! would fly two first-class to OnStage and Jodie would get to fly before our Mediterranean Cruise.

Even though it was a bit of a reach for all of us, we set our goals and encouraged each other to give it our all.  With lots of prayer, support from amazing customers and friends and a lot of hard work we all reached the milestone goals we had set.  The power of prayer and friendship.

I wanted to keep it low key with the celebration.   We were to go to The Roof for dinner on our finally night.  But as I turned the corner into the restaurant I found out Cindy and Kim had planned a celebration with some very dear friends.  There made beautiful sunflower decorations.  I immediately began to cry and said, "I told you guys I didn't need any FANFARE!!"  immediately Rich Griffith, who was standing nearby says to me, "Linda, this isn't about FANFARE, this is about FAMILY".   Rich, is Dawn Griffiths husband, and he is so adorable.  He has a heart like my Jay.  I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life.



Linda Bauwin

Thank you guys for all the kind words. Totally blessed.

Jennifer Bell

That's wonderful Linda!!! Just terrific that you have such support and then your wonderful memories of Jay's love and encouragement too. Congratulations!!

Kimberly Pyles

Linda you deserve all the fanfare and happiness you can get! We all just plain love you. :)

Linda Bauwin - CARD-iologist Helping you create cards from the heart.

Thank you for all your warm comments. I am truly blessed by each word.

Verna Lapp

Bless your heart Linda, we have never met in person but I see and hear a beautiful person in you!! So glad you got to have the honor of all that S.U. and friends and family gave you and you were a grateful recipient. May God continue to cover you with His love.

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