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What makes me happy?

  Judy Goodyear Linda Bauwin

What makes me happy?  Receiving a hand-stamped card in the mail.  You go out to the mailbox  and the normal advertisements and bills are usually what I find.  But yesterday this beautiful card arrived with such kind encouraging words inside.  It was from Judy Goodyear from Rochester, New York.  What a blessing.

Do you send cards on a regular bases?  You know staying in touch by Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and the like, is great, but there is just something about a hand-stamped card that brightens peoples day.  I challenge each of you to send a card to some one who isn't expecting one.  I know it will mean a lot to them.

You know what also brightens my day.  My dog Sweetie.  She is such a comfort to me.  She has such unconditional love and support for me.  I can be having the must awful day and her little face just brightens it right up.  She is my official greeter when it comes to my classes.  


And look at her here checking out the Occasions Catalog with dear friend Leigh Amburgey.  Her Aunt Leigh has a special place in Sweetie's heart, as she is always bringing her treats and gives her lots of love.

Leigh & Sweetie taking a look


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