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Have you heard about the new social media crazy?   #ImBringingBirthdaysBack  It was started by Shannon West from Stampin' Up!'s home office.

Shannon West Hashtag stamp she made Imbringingbirthdaysback

Shannon said on January 9th  that in her opinion Facebook/ Social Media have ruined birthday cards.  So she's going to use them ( Facebook)  to launch a birthday card campaign.   Shannon wanted to make everyone a birthday card that wanted one . She announced all this on Facebook  and has over 1,100 people leaving their birthday's in the comment  section~ OH my !  - that's a lot of birthday cards.

Shannon even made her own stamp for the hashtag (see photo) to stamp on the backside of the envelopes . There has been such an overwhelming response to her HUGE campaign that Sara Douglas told her that Stampin Up! will be making her Hashtag stamp for her and all of us that want to join in her campaign.  

You know what is neat, even before this crazy started, I had made up my mind this year I was sending each "We BEE Stamping" members a birthday card, along with everyone in my church.  Now that is a big commitment.  So far, we are in the second month and I am doing good.

Needless to say I will be getting Shannon's #ImBringingBirthdaysBack  stamp when it becomes available.  Do you want to join this amazing fun and uplifting campaign?  I will let you all know when the stamp becomes available, and we can all change the world one birthday card at a time.

And we will not change the world with any old birthday card!   We will change it with the best kind of birthday cards a hand-stamped one.  Who is with me on the campaign?

Check our Shannon on Good4Utah Talking about the #ImBringingBirthdaysBack Movement.

Good4Utah Shannon West  2-4-2016

Check Out The Video 


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