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More Birthday Card Ideas.

Birthday Blossoms_Linda Bauwin

Thought I would share some more birthday card ideas.  If you read yesterday's post you read about the Social Media Craze about how Social Media has Ruined Birthdays.  I know it is great on your birthday to look on Facebook and see how many people who have wished you a Happy Birthday on your Special Day.  But there is nothing like your own birthday card.  And when it's a hand-stamped one, you know that someone really thought a lot of you.

Today's Birthday Card Ideas come from the stamp set Birthday Blossoms Stamp Set.  It is a set of 8 stamps and coordinates with our Pansy Punch.  Here is another sample using this set.

Joy Fold Card_Linda Bauwin (2)

This card is a Joy Fold Card and is a creative fold card from my YouTube Series Creative Fold Cards.  Have you seen this video?  If not check it out.  You can check out all my videos on my YouTube Channel out HERE.  

I have over 450 video in my personal YouTube Library.  My channel is approaching 1 Million views and over 9,000 subscribers. That just totally amazes me.  

Are you one of my subscribers or viewers on YouTube?  What is you like about my channel?  Leave a comment below so I can do more videos that you like.  Is it my creative folds, quick tips, or new product videos that you like more?  Or do you watch or follow me for a good laugh?  As you never know what I will goof up on each video.

Whatever your reach for watching or following me I am grateful.



Linda Bauwin

Oh you guys are so special. Thanks for your encouraging words
Each one of you have a special spot in my heart

Pam Kelley

Linda, the little goofs and not trying to be perfect is what makes your videos great. We get to sit back and say, yep I've done that before and then laugh at ourselves not at you. I love your videos, I've learned so many great tips from you. Just keep doing what you do and we'll keep watching for more inspiration.
You are by far one of the nicest people I know and am also proud to call you friend as well.
Love and good things for you and Happy Valentine's Day to you & Miss Sweetie!


Kim Baker

If it wasn't for your video & creative folds, I wouldn't be a demo right now. You have a God-given gift and I'm so glad I found your tutorials online! Have a wonderful day! :)

Denise Murdoch-Smith

I am from the UK and I love the way you explain what you are doing each step of the way. I love your creative folds videos and also the new products and quick tips. Thank you

Denise x

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