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Totally Humbled and So Gratiful

Sympathy Cards Linda Bauwin

My heart is totally humbled and full of gratitude over the out pour of love and support from so many.  I have receive over 500 Sympathy Cards, with over 3/4 of them being hand stamped.

There is a very important lesson I have learned through all this, and that is our hand stamped cards are the most important thing we can do for a person whose heart is beating.

Don't get me wrong I so appreciated all those that have stopped in brought food, sent flowers and called.  And the hundreds that attended the visitation and Celebration of Life Service.  But I was in such shock at that time, still am for that matter, I have a hard time remembering who said or did what.

500 Sympathy Cards Linda Bauwin

A card keeps on giving support.  When I am having a down time, I pull my box of cards out and read them over and over again.  So many lovely comforting words are spoken in these cards.

So I encourage you to take the time today to send a note to someone, they and you, will be glad you did.



Linda, I have only found your videos and been following you for a short few months now, and I enjoy them immensely. This past July 22nd was the 10th Anniversary of the death of my hubby and best friend, and I still think of him and miss him terribly every day. They never leave us, you know. There are so many little reminders, they even leave reminders for us . . . a penny on the ground (you've heard of pennies from heaven, I absolutely believe that.) Or, a feather on the ground . . . those are left for us by Angels. Sometimes I'll be sitting at my computer and I may feel just a slight brush of air across the back of my neck, and I always say, "hi sweetheart, I know you're here." Acknowledge the signs, be open to them and you'll see or feel them more often. It's comforting for me and I hope it will be for you as well.

Marge Waskiewicz

Dear Linda,
Sorry to hear of your loss. I guess I missed knowing about this, so sorry. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

I too have lost my best friend and husband over 3 years ago, it's still hard everyday. I miss him much,... we had over 55 years together, He was a big supporter for over 20 years with SU.

Your very blessed to hear from everyone that sent you cards.
Hope each day will be easier knowing your so loved.

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