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Stampin' Up! Convention


I had to share some more pictures from Stampin' Up! Convention.   These lovely ladies from my Stamp Famiyl, joined us for dinner the last night of convention.  After a lovely dinner we went and shared our favorite swaps with each other and favor tips we received during convention.  Some great memories that I will always hold on to.


Before Convention Sheryl Wheatley, Tammy Clarke, Mary Ann Rossiter, and Judy Goodyear joined Jay & I for some sight seeing.  We hired a George Gonzales, from Wasatch Mountain Service, to take us to Cottonwood Canyon and Silver Lake.  I so love Utah and all it's beauty and George is such a great tour guide.  Last year he took a group of us out to Antelope Island.


After the tour we went to the Bee House for a Tour and then off to the Lion House for lunch.  Just a beautiful afternoon.


Tammy Clarke

Everybody should know I posed for those pictures under duress 😄

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