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My Work Uniform

Well today is Monday, usually not my most productive day of the week, normally.  I wrote this post before leaving for Stampin' Up!'s Convention, so that I would continue to have blog posts while I was gone.  I seen this picture before leaving and I had a good laugh.

PJ _Linda Bauwin

As I am almost positive I will still have my PJ'S on when you read this post.  One thing nice about working at home I can work in my PJ'S'  And if I don't feel like putting on make-up or doing my hair its okay, too.  Glad I have an awesome assistant who doesn't care what I look like when she comes to work all dressed up.

This morning, if plans went accordingly, yesterday we should have gotten home around 11 last night and it will be a very unproductive day.  As jet lag is always worse coming home.

But in the next couple days I will back in the saddle and ready to share some awesome new things with you.



Linda Bauwin

Great we have the same work unform.

Barbara Webber

And I am reading your blog in my jammie's.

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