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Does Pinterest Inspire You?

Pinterest_Linda Bauwin

I hope Pinterest Inspires you to get up and stamp.  That is what it is intend to do.  But as the sign says some days I get caught up with Pinterest and that is all I accomplish.  How about you?

I would rather stamp than cook, so I find myself pinning recipes by the hundreds and that's it.  Looking at the beautiful pictures and thinking I will make it, but it isn't happening.

Getting on Pinterest to be inspired to stamp, is a different story.  I have tried to of course limit my time to search Pinterest, as I can get on and forget to get off.  So I do it first thing in the morning.  My goal is one cup of coffee then I must get off.

Then I challenge  myself once I have been on Pinterest, to go create at least one thing that I saw.  I use to print a picture of the project, but then I just ended up with a stack of paper.

So I challenge you to give this a try, and let me know if you have success. Caution don't get on Pinterest unless you know you can take some time to go create.

Did you now I have 118 boards on Pinterest?  Yes some of them are great looking recipes that I haven't tried.  But there are 8961 pins must being paper craft related.  So go check me out on Pinterest.


Sue Allen

Pinterest is such a total 'time suck'...I LOVE IT!! I am on pinterest so much that I have used up all my laundry, cooking and cleaning time that the only time I had left on my busy schedule was creating time! Boy am I glad I limited my "P" time before I used up my creating time too! Thanks for the I'm off to peruse YouTube! LOL
aka Mrs Noofy

Linda Bauwin

I hope this Pinterest Tip helps you Sue. So glad you have found inspiration from my YouTube Channel.

Sue Edwards

WOW! what a great motivation idea! I haven't really learned Pinterest because know I would spend too much time there! I also find I spend way too much time on YouTube, because I'm a visual person, and love the 'class' videos all you SU demos do for us. I'm going to give this a try, and go do one of your cards! You're so inspiring to me and I've made multiples of your cards over the several years I've followed your blog and YT. Thank you so much for the motivation.

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