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Create at work_Linda Bauwin

Why is it that creating gives us so much joy, but it is hard to find time?  I compare creating with savings.  It is something I know I need to do to bring happiness in my life, but both are hard to do at times.

remember my Grandfather always told me to pay myself first.  And that I would always find the finances to pay the needed bills.  I have found that to be so true.

I also think the same thing goes for being creative.  If creating brings us joy, and we take the time to be creative, we will find the time to do the things that are necessary like cleaning and dishes with a happier heart.

I also know that some times time can get away from us when we are being creative.  You know spending too much time thinking about our projects.

I have the perfect solution for feeding your create side with out spending too much time.  My Stamp of the Month Kits.  

How would you like to sit down and create 5-9 cards with every thing cut and ready to go.  That's what you get with Stamp of the Month Kits, full tutorials, and videos, where needed, fun creating without the prep.

Give it a try.  Check out some of the available kits of the past month below.  Or click here to check out all the kits available.

Build a Birthday_Stamp of the Month_Linda Bauwin

Watercolor Wings_Linda Bauwin


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