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How can I say Thanks to you?

I pride myself in customer service.  I love to pamper my customers when they place an online order.  This past week there are many who placed an order in my Online Store and selected "No Contact".

What does the mean?  You didn't get this in your mail box.

Sheltering Tree_LindaBauwin

 Or this

Crazy About You_Linda Bauwin

When you place an online order and select "No Contact" it means I do't have your name or address, not even an e-mail address.  That makes me sad I can not send a note to say thanks or offer you my Linda Loyalty Program.

I respect some people don't want to receive unsolicited e-mails.  But come on, if you bought things from me, I am sure you would want a hand stamped thank you.  And if I send you an e-mail you can always opt out of receiving future ones.

If you are one of these precious customer who has selected "No Contact" on a recent order, you are able to open your customer profile and change that option, if you wish.

If you decide to do this e-mail at jlbauwin@roadrunner.com and let me know your information, and I will send a personal thank you to you.  Whatever you decide to do, know that I appreciate your support. 

Feb 10
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