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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine Card_Linda Bauwin

Happy Valentine's Day hope you have something special planned with some one you love today.  Thought I would share some of the different cards I did for the special day.

Groovy Love_Linda


Grovy Love_Valentine

All three of these cards were done with the Groovy Love Stamp Set.  I hope you have a Groovy Love in your Life.  I have been totally blessed with a Groovy Love that I will celebrate 40 years of marriage with next month.  

WOW 40 years of marriage!  I remember when I thought people who were 40 were old.  What does that make me being married almost 40 years?  Blessed!!!

Isn't it funny, as we grow older, how we look at age differently.  I don't consider myself old.  I consider just beginning and amazing new chapter in my life with more R&R. 



Congratulations on your upcoming 40th wedding anniversary! My dh and I will be celebrating our 40th on March 7th and I rejoice that the Lord brought us together ... what a blessing he has been to me!

May you have a blessed anniversary celebration!

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