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WOW Dryer Sheet and Thinlits

Dryer Sheet Thinlit, Butterfly Thinnlit_Linda Bauwin

Today's WOW Stamping Moment Video takes yet another look at my favorite thinlits dies the Butterflies.  As you can see, this butterfly has lots of details.  And in the past I shyed away from using a thinlit with so much detail.  It was just too hard to get all the pieces to cut and to get them out.

In past videos, I showed you by using wax paper it really helped with getting the little pieces to come out.  But now with the use of a fabric sheet, it helps so much with keep all the pieces in one place.  Whoever thought of using a dryer is beyond me?

This past weekend, at my TEAM stamp event with everyone using the dryer sheets to cut out the butterflies, it smelled so clean and fresh.  Wish my laundry room always smelled that clean.  Oh maybe if I did less stamping and laundry on more regular bases that would happen.  Guilty.



Linda Bawuin

hmm I don't use dryer sheets for laundry maybe that is why I love the smell. Thanks for the tip

Janet Edstedt

I've found that used dryer sheets work as well. Also, with the used dryer sheet, the little pieces don't stick so tightly to the dryer sheet and your cardstock doesn't get coated with the wax film from the dryer sheet.

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