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I wanted to share some more fun pictures from my Founder's Circle Retreat.  It was such a great time and the memories and friendships are priceless.

Gathering place

The Gathering Place is were we went each day for our prize and snacks.  Of course there was lots of Chocolate and where you could do your make-n-takes.  The decor reminded you of a Christmas Family Room.

Gingerbread house

The first night we were divided into TEAMS before dinner.  My TEAM was the Gingerbread Gals.  Members were front Sandy Hancock, top left Winona Semler, Susie Wood, me, Christina Crawford, Gail Lowe, and Jodi Reinert.

Here is the Gingerbread House we built.  I had never built a Gingerbread House so it was a fun project.  Felt pretty good ours held together.  Other TEAMS were not that luck.

I am so glad SU! divides us up in to TEAMS.  I knew everyone on my TEAM accept for Gail.  This was her first time to Founder's.  It was such a joy to get to know her.



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