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Welcome kanab

Every year going to our manufacturing faculty is always a highlight of the Founder's Circle Retreat.

This year was especially exciting as we got to see how photopolymer stamps are made.  I was shocked at all the process these stamps go through.

I, personally over the last 13 years, have seen many changes.  First I visited a small manufacturing faculty with one oven, and now to the state of the art faculty of today.  This manufacturing plant makes three different types of stamps, plus regal collection ink pads, and cuts and packages our own cardstock.

As we pulled up with three huge buses full of demonstrators, the employees are always lining the sidewalks with signs thanking us.  It is also so heart warming.

Well this year, the demonstrators decided to carry our own thank you signs and to hand the employees thank you cards and little 3-D items along with treats.

Little did we know that must of these employees have been working 10 to 12 hours a day trying to keep up with the demand.  

Dining hall

We ended our visit with a lovely baroque dinner with all the employees.  I am so thankful for each one of them as they make my job easy.


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