Get your “Onboard” Credit (Falmouth, Jamaica)
Good morning, this is your captain speaking (Cozumel)

Come Sail Away with Me

Today I am at sea and a special day as we are taking part in a Walk-a-Thon for “Blue to Block” Mission of Hope.  This year, Stampin’ Up is partnering with the Mission of Hope in their Blue to Block program.  

This program focuses on moving hundreds of Haitian families from blue tent homes to permanent block homes in Leveque, Haiti.  Each home costs around $6,000.  Our goal today is to raise enough money to build three homes.  WOW That is $18,000. I work for an amazing company!!! For very lap Jay & I complete, Stampin’ Up! will donate $1.50 per lap with a maximum of 10 laps for each of us.

Jay & I did a mission project when we were on the Fiji trip last year and it was so rewarding.  I am sure today will be the same.

Today’s WOW Moment Video is a blast from the past using the retired stamp set Gently Falling.  Once again hope this set is still available if you wish to add to your collection.  This video is almost two years old, so it is a WOW Moment in many ways, first because of the technique, second that I am still doing videos.


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