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Okay in the Holiday Catalog my favorite set was the Festive Flurry.  It's still a toss up with the Occasion Catalog on which stamp is my favorite, but Blessed Easter is sure in the running.  You will have to stay tuned in the coming weeks to see which stamp wins out.

Today's quick tip video below spotlights this stamp set Blessed Easter, but I need to warn about the next several videos were I spotlight this stamp.  I taped several videos right after Christmas.  Well I guess I still had Christmas memories in my brain, as throughout these video, I continue to call the Blessed Easter Stamp the Blessed Christmas Stamp.  So bear with me and just smile, and say yes she is having one of her many "Senior Moments".

Blessed Easter is the stamp that I am featuring in my upcoming Stamps-in-the-Mail.  You can read all about this stamp class that is delivered to your door step by clicking here on my calendar.  You need to sign up before January 28, 2014, if you would like to be part of this program.

The tip shared in the video is a great way to make your stamp collection look so much larger, because you can use the words and tulips separate or together.  I also showcase the beautiful Watercolor Wonder Designer Note Cards.  You must order these as you are going to love them.

Products Used:

#133212 Blessed Easter Stamp Single Stamp in Wood Only

#133362 Watercolor Wonder Note Cards & Envelopes 20 cards 5 designs for of each




Just A Small Town Girl Jen

I love your tagline. Your cards look great!


Thanks for the great tip Linda! I just got my stamp yesterday and was wondering how to separate it. What did you use, scissors or excato knife?

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