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Can't Get Enough of Papillon Potpourri Stamp Set

I am so in love with the Papillon Potpourri Stamp Set and Elegant Butterfly Punch.  But you do have to wonder how in the world Stampin' Up! came up with a name like that for such a beautiful set?  Guess I will never know, but what's in a name.  This stamp set and punch is the perfect add on to a card, when it just needs a little more, or it works well on it's own.  It is just the perfect set in my stamp world.



Linda Bauwin

Not sure. I do schedule my posts, meaning I prepare them on a date to post later. Not sure if you getting date I schedule the post maybe, instead of the date that it posts.

Doris D.

I am getting updates to your blog dated in July. What is going on?

MaryJo Marshall

you are welcome!!

Linda Bauwin

Now I know, thanks MaryJo

MaryJo Marshall

Papillon means butterfly....

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