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Fun Shares From My Weekend

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Had to share some of the fun Jodie and I had this weekend.  We headed to Henrietta, New York to do a stamping day.  I have many members of my Stamp Family in the Rochester, New York Area.  So decided to plan a stamping day with them and Jodie went with me.

So we mixed a little side trip, with work, and went to Niagara Falls, New York for the afternoon.  Was a little windy but for a January day very nice.  And no crowds so even made it better.  So love that I have a job that allows me to travel and share it with Jodie.

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On Saturday we did a stamp class for 50 ladies from the Rochester, New York area.  What fun!!

One of the most rewarding part of my job is to watch each women as they arrive for an event like this.  They all come in with life written all over their faces.  Each having issues going on in their world.  Doesn't matter, they all have work, family, health issues etc. that they left behind.  As they walked in to a room of over 20 stamp projects, they were in a totally different world.  The smiles, the renewing of old friendships or the meeting of new all made this day extra special.  Which is one of the greatest blessing of stamping.

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So thank you ladies for helping made this day so amazing.  Until we meet again, whether it be at my upcoming Stamp Retreat in March or a future event in your area.

I would love for you to join my Stamp Family!!  Want more information?  Check it out, give Stampin' Up! a Test Drive.

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